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A forklift is a transport device, which you can use when goods are on a pallet and need to be transported to a certain place. The transport device is also called forklift or forklift truck.

What makes a forklift different from any other means of transport is the fork. It is also referred to as 'spoons'. These two flat and protruding rods of metal are located at the front. They can be driven under a pallet. Then they can be lifted with a lifting mechanism. In this way, the pallet can be driven from one place to another.


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Looking to buy a forklift truck? Then first decide what you need the transport device for. Is it for use in a warehouse, for example? For this, electric-powered forklifts are most suitable. There are also larger means of transport that can lift 10 tonnes.

Lift trucks today are equipped with a combustion engine running on diesel or LPG. Petrol engines are almost not used anymore, because it would mean too high fuel costs. Due to harmful emissions, machines with diesel engines are no longer allowed to be driven in industrial halls, but LPG engines are.


Energy is stored in lead batteries in forklifts with an electric motor. These then also serve as counterweights. If you want to buy a forklift, you should bear in mind that the battery of an average forklift soon weighs 1,500 kg. Forklifts with an internal combustion engine have a separate counterweight.

In our range, you can choose from lift trucks with 3, 4 or 6 wheels. It matters whether there are 2 or 4 non-steering wheels at the front and 1 or more steering wheels at the rear.

Cage construction

The driver of the forklift is protected by a cage structure. This prevents him from becoming trapped if the machine were to topple unexpectedly or a load were to fall off. Accidents regularly occur when heavy loads have to be lifted and also when material has to be moved over ramps.

Safety is an aspect you should definitely consider when buying a forklift. A lot is done to make the forklift truck as safe as possible. These days, for example, installations with automatic downward moving stands next to the driver are used. These should then keep him in place, in case the forklift should tip over.

The driver can wear a belt while working. Several types of forklifts are equipped with this. But the belt is not always used, especially if the driver has to get in and out frequently.

Whatever business situation you want to buy a forklift for, our specialists will be happy to help you make your choice.