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1400KG, 1600KG, 1800KG, 2000KG, 2500KG

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The BT Levio forms a compact and versatile pallet truck range that impresses. With a powerful drive system, these machines are suitable for a wide range of horizontal transport tasks. Even on challenging floors and while loading and unloading trucks, excellent driving performance is maintained thanks to the advanced five-point wheel suspension.

The ergonomically designed tiller arm ensures that all models are effortlessly manoeuvrable. The standard integrated Click-2-Creep positioning function ensures excellent performance even in the most confined spaces.

The perfect combination of the "optimum control arm length" and the "low truck construction" results in an unobstructed view of both the load and the work area for the driver. In view of the growing trend of the 24-hour economy, BT Levio W models are prepared. They can be equipped with battery changes or the durable Li-Ion, meaning that even in situations with multiple shifts and peak loads, downtime due to flat batteries is a thing of the past...;

Handle with click-2-creep

The BT Levio forms a range of compact and versatile pallet trucks that excel in performance. With their powerful drives, they are suitable for a variety of tasks within horizontal transport. Even on less than ideal floors and when loading and unloading lorries, they deliver outstanding performance thanks to their advanced five-point wheel suspension.

Automatic switch-off

The intuitive manoeuvring of all models is facilitated by the ergonomically designed control arm. The standard built-in Click-2-Creep positioning function ensures optimum performance even in the most confined spaces.

The unique Castorlink System

The clever combination of an "ideal control arm length" and slim truck construction ensures the driver has a clear view of both the pallet and the work area. With a view to the fast-approaching 24-hour economy, BT Levio W trucks can be equipped with battery changes or the durable Li-Ion, allowing them to effortlessly handle prolonged and peak loads without downtime due to flat batteries.

Product series Lifting capacity Max Battery (Ah) Driving speed Type
LWE160 1600KG 225AH 6KM/H 6KM/H
LWE180 1800KG 300AH 6KM/H 6KM/H
LWE200 2000KG 300AH 6KM/H 6KM/H
LWE250 2500KG 300AH 6KM/H 6KM/H