TONERO (35-80)

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3500KG, 4000KG, 4990KG, 5000KG, 6000KG, 7000KG, 8000KG



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With a diverse selection of cabins suitable for various conditions, Toyota's combustion truck is the ideal choice for outdoor use. All new Toyota forklifts come standard with the System of Active Stability, which significantly improves safety and productivity. This system provides, among other things, a stable rear axle, limited speed on curves, angle limitation and automatic steering synchronisation. The system unobtrusively supports the driver without compromising performance.

The Toyota Tonero 35 - 80 range includes versatile combustion trucks with an impressive maximum lift capacity of 8 tonnes and lift heights of up to 6 metres.

All Toyota combustion trucks are equipped with energy-efficient industrial engines that meet stringent emission standards. Comfort levels are designed to increase productivity. Together with the ease of use, this ensures that drivers can effortlessly work all day with the Tonero trucks. The ergonomically adjustable industrial seat can even be upgraded to an air-suspension version. As standard, the truck has convenient features such as fork horizontal positioning and an information display.

The unique advantage of combustion trucks lies in their continuous availability, generous ground clearance and virtually unlimited material handling capacity, with the added benefit of driver comfort. For uneven terrain, pneumatic tyres can be added, in combination with the already increased ground clearance, to meet any application need.

Toyota Tonero HT trucks are often combined with heavy-duty attachments, allowing, for example, multiple pallets to be loaded and unloaded at the same time, or even moving goods without pallets, such as rolls of paper.

Feel free to contact Prins Holland to discuss the possibilities for your specific situation!

Toyota SAS (system of active stability)

All Toyota forklifts come standard with the unique SAS, the system that protects and assists both the load and the driver for safety and productivity.

Excellent transparency

With a unique clearview mast, the driver always has excellent visibility of the loads and surroundings.

Comfortable operation

All Toyota Tonero's feature a comfortable and ergnomic workplace. The fully adjustable seat, extra legroom and adjustable steering column offer extra comfort.

Unique driver display

The 'deluxe multidisplay' shows the key information a driver needs to set specific preferences and parameters.

Product series Model Lifting capacity Load centre of gravity Turning circle
tonero 8FD40N 4000KG 500MM 2660MM
tonero 8FD45N 4990KG 500MM 2750MM
tonero 8FD50N 5000KG 600MM 2810MM
tonero 8FD60N 6000KG 600MM 3230MM
tonero 8FD70N 7000KG 600MM 3280MM
tonero 8FD80N 7000KG 600MM 3320MM
tonero 8FG35N 8000KG 500MM 2610MM
tonero 8FG40N 3500KG 500MM 2660MM
tonero 8FG45N 4000KG 500MM 2750MM
tonero 8FG50N 4990KG 600MM 2810MM