Sneak Preview

We are proud to show the first pictures of our new DAF model XF.
This DAF has a 450 HP 11-litre engine that meets the latest emission Euro 6 requirements.
The tractor is equipped with cameras all around, making mirrors redundant.
The trailer was fully provided by van Ravenhorst with a GS Meppel chassis and has the following features:
- 3 axle semi-trailer of which the 1st axle is liftable.
- 3rd axle is forced hydraulically steered
- Rear ramp of 5.5 metres allowing us to load machine at the most favourable angles (this means we can unload at any customer)
- Also, the car also has a sliding roof from front to back for special transport.
- For towing, a heavy winch in the headboard.
The car can load +/- 28 tonnes, meaning it can take 9/10 1.5tons forklifts.
Perhaps we will meet you on site or on the road.