We are From Yellow

For more than forty years, Van Geel Heftrucks has been a household name in the world of Material Handling. As the official dealer of Toyota Material Handling for the province of North Brabant. The range includes forklifts, warehouse trucks, pallet trucks, sweepers and scrubbers. Besides selling material handling equipment, we also offer leasing and rental options.


Toyota Material Handling forklifts are among the absolute best when it comes to quality and performance. They are known worldwide for their reliability, durability and innovative technologies.

Toyota Material Handling has a long history of producing high-quality forklifts and has built an excellent reputation in the industry.


Since 2021, Van Geel Heftrucks has been part of Prins Holland group in Maasdijk.

Originally founded in 1958, Prins Holland has developed from a local contracting company to a major supplier of material handling machines and manufacturer of the well-known Prins Forklifts and importer of the Cesab Forklifts.