Kubota's 56kW compact diesel engines belong to the world's top segment. Kubota engines are distinguished by high performance, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Kubota has always given top priority to environmental friendliness and made sure its engines meet the latest emission requirements. Kubota was already applying particulate filters before this was mandatory and has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience as a result. Since 2019, the new European emission standard, stage 5 (V), has been in force for nonroad mobile machinery. All engines must comply with this standard, with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) mandatory from 19kW onwards. At Prins Maasdijk, we have environmental friendliness high on our list of priorities. All Kubota engines up to 56kW therefore comply with stage 5 (V), without the need for an SCR system (ad blue system). This makes 56kW engines an important power limit and a smart choice. Kubota has a wide range of compact stage V engines up to 56kW, moreover, at Prins Maasdijk we can supply many stage 5 engines up to 56kW from stock.

Prins Maasdijk offers a high-quality range of industrial motors. You will always find a suitable solution with us. The motors are suitable for various purposes. There is also a wide choice of power versions up to 155kW. Ask our advisors to advise you on the best engine for your situation. We have a lot of knowledge and expertise in house.


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The Heart Of The Machine

The engine is the heart of a machine. If that is an engine from Kubota, you can be sure that the heart will last a long time and keep running well. Prins Maasdijk is therefore a proud importer of Kubota engines. For this, we have our own division, Prins Motoren bv, where quality and knowledge come together, so we can always help you best. As we are importer of engines of various power classes, including those with a power output of 56kW or more, we offer machine manufacturers the opportunity to quickly get to know a real Kubota engine in their machine.


Prins Maasdijk has a large stock of new diesel engines, petrol engines and gas engines, all complying with the latest emissions regulations. Whether you are looking for an engine with 6kW or 56kW or more, we can help. Kubota is one of the most experienced non-road engine manufacturers, in terms of DPF particulate filter systems. Here, Kubota uses automatic regeneration of particulate filters, and you will not notice anything about the regeneration in normal daily use. As a result, these engines can be used in almost all fields of application. Would you prefer an engine with less power? Kubota engines up to 19kW can meet the strict stage 5 emissions standard, without a particulate filter.

We also have a huge stock of the necessary original Kubota parts. So you can rest assured that we can provide you with fast service. Kubota engines are used for various purposes, for example to put together generator sets. You can also come to Prins Maasdijk for these generator sets. The range of generators does not stop at construction site applications, but extends to emergency power supplies for distribution centres, hospitals and data centres, for example. For many years, Prins Maasdijk has been the importer of Kubota diesel engines. These find their way to all kinds of machine manufacturers at home and abroad. Do you want to be assured of quality and are you looking for an engine with a capacity of up to 56kw or more? Prins Motoren is the point of contact for Kubota engines for industrial applications. We are happy to be at your service.