Electric forklift

Indispensable in a warehouse and workshop to move pallets from A to B within your business. Of course, we are talking about a forklift. It is one of the means of internal transport that should not be missing within your company.

There are several things to consider when buying a forklift. Firstly, it is about the safety of your employees. They need to be able to drive the forklift safely as well as not be bothered by emissions such as exhaust fumes. There are still diesel and LPG powered forklifts, but nowadays the electric forklift has also made its appearance.


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Prins Electric Forklift

At Prins Maasdijk, we have been producing our own forklifts for many years. Meanwhile, we have also included an electric forklift in our range. For applications where exhaust fumes are not desired, Prins Maasdijk's electric powered forklift truck offers the solution. No emissions, no noise and just as safe as all our other forklifts.

The Prins Elektro comes in two variants: one with 750 kg lifting capacity and one with 1,000 kg. Both forklifts have a large battery so you can drive it for extra long periods of time within your company.

New Or Used?

At Prins Maasdijk, you can not only buy a new electric forklift. We also have a wide range of used trucks available for you. From lift truck to pump truck of various renowned brands. You can see all available models with your own eyes in our showroom. Just like the new machines, of course. The advantage of a used forklift truck, electric or otherwise, is that it is generally a lot more affordable. Ideal for organisations with a smaller budget.


Or Go Rent!

Are you currently looking for a temporary solution for internal transport within your company? For that too, you can come to Prins Maasdijk. We have a rental fleet of no less than 800 machines ready for you. Thanks to our own transport, we can ensure that the required machine is delivered to you at the right time.


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