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The Toyota Traigo 48 is a compact powerhouse, specifically designed to offer unmatched speed and effortless manoeuvrability, even in the tightest spaces. Thanks to its advanced three-point suspension, this truck can effortlessly turn on its own axis, providing unparalleled manoeuvrability. Its streamlined size makes it exceptionally suitable for various environments, both indoors and outdoors. With an impressive lifting capacity of up to 2000 kg, this compact, user-friendly and highly manoeuvrable truck lifts loads effortlessly.

In anticipation of the fast-approaching 24/7 economy, the Toyota Traigo 48 offers the option of changeable batteries and high-quality Li-Ion batteries to meet even the most demanding tasks.

Thanks to Toyota's innovative stability system, integrated as standard, the forklift can be used safely and efficiently both indoors and outdoors. The active stability system (SAS) not only increases productivity, but also creates a safer working environment. With features such as active tilt speed reduction, advanced steering synchronisation and speed reduction when cornering, the system proactively intervenes to make forward and sideways tilt virtually impossible. The driver barely notices this system, which constantly assists in moving loads safely.

In addition, the Toyota Traigo 48 has several useful features, including 'horizontal fork alignment' that allows perfect horizontal adjustment of the forks, and 'dynamic steering wheel synchronisation' that ensures that the steering wheel is always in line with the wheels, even when driving straight ahead.

Toyota SAS (system of active stability)

The first active system to control forklift stability. SAS provides advanced technology for unmatched truck stability to enhance safety and productivity.

Fingertip control

Comfortable driving position with excellent visibility through the mast with dashboard including integrated display with important driver information.

Excellent all-round visibility

The clearview mast and protective roof provide the driver with excellent visibility of the load and surroundings.

Simple driver interface

The multifunction display shows key information at a glance and parameters are adjustable for specific preferences or applications.

Product series Model Lifting height Load centre of gravity Force Turning circle
Traigo 48v 8FBEKT16 (COMPACT) 1600KG 500MM 48V 1542mm
Traigo 48v 8FBET16 1600KG 500MM 48V 1650mm
Traigo 48v 8FBEKT18 (COMPACT) 1800KG 500MM 48V 1542mm
Traigo 48v 8FBET18 1800KG 500MM 48V 1650mm
Traigo 48v 8FBET20 2000KG 500MM 48V 1650mm