Prins forklifts are characterised by off-road capability and low ground pressure that normal forklifts lack.
The unique features of a Prins forklift truck come from the use of large wheels combined with low dead weight. The large ground clearance allows Prins forklifts to negotiate obstacles without getting stuck.

Prins Tiger forklifts use a Cesab/Toyota forklift as their base. The forklifts have been modified to make them suitable for driving on unpaved ground. The Prins Tiger forklifts are used in sectors including horticulture, fruit growing, agriculture, rental sector, tent construction and utility construction. Prins Tiger forklifts are used in all industries where a standard forklift cannot be used because it has too few possibilities to go off the paved path.

Prins forklifts are powered by an electric or diesel engine. Prins forklifts are available with different lift heights and lifting capacities.