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The Toyota Traigo 24 is a remarkably compact machine, specifically designed to manoeuvre effortlessly in tight spaces. This manoeuvrability is made possible by a three-point suspension, allowing the truck to turn on its own axis! With its small dimensions, this powerful machine is perfect for various applications in factories, warehouses and shops. With an impressive lifting capacity of up to 1500 kg, the Traigo 24 can effortlessly lift most loads.

Thanks to Toyota's standard integrated unique stability system, this forklift is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations. Toyota's active stability system (SAS) contributes to higher productivity and a safer working environment. This advanced system provides active tilt speed reduction, steering wheel synchronisation and speed reduction when cornering. This means the system proactively intervenes to make forward and sideways tilting virtually impossible. Despite this assistance, in practice the driver notices little of the system, which silently ensures safe movement of loads.

Moreover, there are several useful features integrated into the truck, such as 'fork leveling', which allows the forks to be placed in a horizontal position, and 'active steering wheel synchronisation', which ensures that the steering knob is always in line with the position of the steering wheels when they are straight.

Fast and easy charging with lithium-ion

Available with different intelligent energy packages to suit your application. Based on Toyota's own energy-efficient Lithium-ion battery solutions that enable cost savings and lower CO2 emissions.

Fingertip control

Comfortable driving position with excellent visibility through the mast with dashboard including integrated display with important driver information.

Toyota SAS (System of active stability)

quick and easy charging has never been easier. With the Traigo24's new lithium-ion battery, electric charging becomes child's play. There is no need to change the battery, keeping performance at a high level during every shift. Still prefer a traditional lead-acid battery? No problem, this is also possible with the new Traigo24.

panorama view

With the unique clearview mast and low dashboard, the operator always has excellent visibility of the loads and surroundings.

Product series Model Lifting height Load centre of gravity Force Turning circle
Traigo 24v 8FBEST13 1250KG 500MM 24v 1391mm
Traigo 24v 8FBEST15 1500KG 500MM 24v 1420mm