Controls incl control panels

Prins Maasdijk is an importer of Controls inc. control systems, offering a wide range of control solutions for modern industrial engines.

Individual components such as CAN J1939 panels, as well as complete plug-and-play sets including complete wiring harnesses for diesel engines, petrol engines and/or gas engines and for all emission stages.

The panels are designed for industrial application and are characterised, among other things, by their robust and solid design. All displays are IP67.

The standard CAN panels are delivered pre-programmed and are therefore characterised mainly by ease of installation and operation without time-consuming and costly programming.

Because the standard panels are supplied pre-programmed, this results in a cost-saving solution and, above all, great ease of installation and operation.

Standard panels are available in the models below:


To the standard panels, standard pre-programmed panel options can be adjusted very easily via the internal menu, and there are also several external components that can be added. For example, sensors for hydraulics or fuel tank.

We also supply various optional plug-and-play options such as housings, rpm adjustment knobs, emergency switches , start-stop systems or extended wiring harnesses that make connecting the panel to the engine even easier.

Specific options or functions can be added to the panels on request.

If you are interested in one of the complete solutions please contact one of our advisers.

Open panels overview (PDF, 1GB)