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The Pitbull mini shovels feature a hydrostatic drive directly on a continuous PTO shaft. The hydro motor drives the two 12-tonne Dana Spicer axles with a final gear. Compared to wheel motors, this provides great power transmission.
The combination of hydrostatic drive with electric adjustable travel motor results in stepless upshift.

There are two axle options for the Pitbull mini-hovel. Either one chooses 45% locking on the front and rear axles or the switchable 100% locking on the front axle with an open differential on the rear axle. The 45% lockshafts always lock, meaning that one wheel assists the other for 45%, but also that the free wheel is always 45% stopped. With the switchable 100% locking axle, the possibility of activating this hydraulic locking axle while driving is offered. Most competing machines do not have this activation of the locking function. Additional advantage of hydraulic locking axles is the many times longer service life compared to electric locking axles.

The Pitbull mini-hovel's unique stability compared to the competition has been achieved by providing the articulated steering not with a pendulum articulation point but with a rigid articulation point. As a result, the articulation point is exclusively for steering. Driving comfort and stability is gained from the use of the pivoting rear axle. The four wheels practically always remain in contact with the ground, even when cornering or buckling with the load at the front.
The Pitbull machines have a lot of traction, making it possible to pull something with a lot of power or, for example, drive into a pile of sand.
For the axle package with 45% lock, the handbrake is on the continuous propeller shaft. This is a disc brake, which is tensioned by means of a hand brake lever next to the seat.
The 100% locking axle is equipped with an internal oil lamellar brake. This is electrically controlled. This means that the brake is always engaged when the power is removed from the machine or it is in neutral. It is also possible to switch it on with the travel lock with a button on the steering column.


When starting the Pitbull mini shovel, it is always in neutral, even if the machine was stopped in forward or reverse. Using the buttons on the joystick, the direction of travel is determined. There is a safety switch on the dashboard that prevents the machine from accidentally going into forward or reverse. A blinking arrow on the steering column indicates whether the mini-highloader is in forward or reverse. There is no switch for high/low, for that there is the inch function on the joystick, which combines the desired speed with the required working hydraulics. An audible signal when reversing is optional.
Controlling the working hydraulics separately from the driving hydraulics is operated via a scroll wheel on the joystick. "Inching" in this way is unique in the market, the ratio of working hydraulics to driving speed is infinitely adjustable. Operation of the brake pedal to achieve this is therefore not necessary and the accelerator pedal is used to obtain the ideal oil flow on the working hydraulics. Controlling a sweeper at full power and driving self-dosing, for example, is thus achieved by using hand-inching.
The dashboard of the Pitbull mini shovel is chic and neatly finished, with the latest models featuring a touchscreen screen.


The Pitbull mini-hovel has a low step-in, entry bars are therefore not necessary and the safety bar present can be used as a step-up bar if this is still desired. The seat is quite low and comfortable. The seat is easily adjustable, including the degree of suspension. The steering column can be tilted forwards. For tall people, there is an optional option to raise the roof by 6 cm.


The boom of the Pitbull mini shovel is distinguished from the competition by the use of P-Z kinematics. Through parallel guiding, the P-kinematics ensure that the load remains horizontal and the Z-kinematics provide a high breakout force, resulting in enormous power to lift pallets, for example. The design and construction of the boom gives the operator of the Pitbull mini shovel a very good overview. The driver can see through the boom and even the headlights stay within the sightlines of the wheels, so they do not create any additional obstruction in visibility. Even the mudguards do not restrict visibility.


A hydraulic quick coupler is standard on the Pitbull mini shovel to quickly change attachments. It is operated using a lever behind the joystick.
The third function is a hydraulic function needed, for example, to control a sweeper, bale clamp, mower or during box spreading. The quick couplings are on the front of the mini-hovel. Optionally, it can also be on the rear of the machine.
If there is a third function, this hydraulic function is tapped from the hydraulic quick coupler. Switching between the third function can be done mechanically with a three-way valve or electrically using a 6-2 valve and a button on the dashboard. Pitbull does not have its own coupling; in practice, a Giant coupling is often chosen as quick-change system instead of the standard Euro coupling.


The engine of the Pitbull mini shovel is placed behind the driver, the stainless steel engine covers are easy to open. The engine and thus parts for engine maintenance are easily accessible. User-friendliness was and is a spearhead in the development of Pitbull mini cultivators. Draining engine oil is quick and easy after removing the plate protecting the tank. The fuel tank is located in the front bucket of the machine.
The Pitbull mini shovel is equipped with multiple lifting eyes at the front and rear.