My business app

Prins partnered with My Business Apps to develop a quick and easy way to conduct and record forklift daily checks.

We recognised that daily checks on forklifts are a burden on companies, both in the reporting and storage of the information, along with ensuring they are being carried out correctly.

By working with a developer who had experience of this issue himself we can now offer a paperless system which leads the operator easily through the inspection, allows them to include photographs of any concerns and can transmit information of any faults found directly to the Prins service office for action.

The reports are stored electronically both on the Prins server and with the customer to ensure compliance with HSE record keeping requirements.

The app can also be used for additional record keeping and reporting purposes all at a very reasonable cost to the end user.

Please see the Case Study here prince-asset-and-equipment-v4.pdf

And more details of the app at


To obtain this app please speak to your friendly Prins contact on 01303 237122 or by email ( to get more details.