Prince Pitbull for plump foundation techniques

Three weeks ago, Prins Maasdijk was approached by Plomp Funderingstechnieken (specialist in setting piles), they were looking for a machine that offered relief from the heavy work on site and in the yard.

One requirement was that our Prins Pitbull could handle the heavy work and that it had to be delivered quickly. After a detailed inspection by Mr Plomp, we came to the conclusion that the Prins Pitbull passed with flying colours and is extremely suitable for very heavy-duty work on site.

The Prins Pitbull still had to be made to customer-specific requirements (license plate worthy/RDW worthy and painted in the house colour of Plomp Funderingstechnieken) and we delivered the Pitbull last week. We wish Plomp Funderingstechnieken a lot of driving pleasure with our Prins Pitbull.