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The BT Reflex Ergo series of reach trucks are considered the standard for productivity and ergonomics in the world of reach trucks. With lift heights up to 13 metres, lift capacities of up to 2,500 kg, and a focus on high-intensity applications where drivers work at high altitudes for long periods of time, the Reflex reach trucks exceed all expectations. The integrated 'Transitional lift control' ensures a seamless transition when the mast goes in and out of free lift, eliminating shock, vibration and wear on both mast and truck.

The tilting cab offers drivers considerable convenience and comfort at lift heights above 6 metres. Research shows that with the tilting cab, drivers need to turn their heads 10 degrees less when looking up, significantly reducing the strain on neck and shoulders.

The tilting cab not only has an ergonomic advantage, but also improves productivity. The driver places his head outside the contours of the truck, giving him a completely unobstructed view around the mast. This is a significant advantage over looking through the mast, where often truck hardware obstructs the view.

The emphasis on productivity and ergonomics is evident in features such as an electrically height-adjustable floor, ideal for situations where multiple drivers use the same truck. A high-quality adjustable seat with inflatable lower back support and optional heating is standard. The steering wheel is telescopic, angle and height adjustable.

Various tools, such as height navigation, laser positioning and high-quality colour cameras for more accurate positioning at height, are available. As for safety, there are overload warning systems that inform the driver.

The trucks are particularly popular in large distribution centres with high throughput speeds, where pallets are stacked to great heights during one or more shifts per day. In cold stores, these trucks are often used, often in combination with a fully enclosed and heated cabin. For environments where temperatures fluctuate, the use of window heating is recommended to prevent fogged windows.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Van Geel Heftrucks to discuss the possibilities for your specific situation!

Totalview concept

The BT Reflex RRE series is designed with the total-view concept. This means you have excellent visibility between the mast and forks combined with a transparent panoramic roof.

Designed around the driver

The operator compartment is ergonomically designed around the driver and offers interactive features, such as an easy-to-read colour touchscreen. In addition, the truck is fully adjustable, allowing every driver to work ergonomically.

Product series Model Lifting capacity Battery capacity Lifting height
Reflex E RRE160 H/HE 1600KG 775AH 11M
Reflex E RRE180 H/HE 1800KG 930AH 13M
Reflex E RRE200 H/HE 2000KG 930AH 13M
Reflex E RRE250 H/HE 2500KG 930AH 13M