Toyota BT High Lifter - HHL100

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The BT Lifter H-series Electric HHL100 delivers an ergonomic solution for goods at relatively low heights. Besides serving as a hand pallet truck, the HHL100 also serves as a height-adjustable workstation with electric motor that is ideally suited for distribution and sorting work. The truck has a lifting height of up to 800 mm and a standard load and lift capacity of 1000 kg.

The HHL100 includes a maintenance-free battery, an integrated charger with LED and a secure battery compartment. For extra efficiency, the lift can be manually inflated when the battery is not charged.

The HHL100PH has a photocell that automatically raises and lowers the pallet as goods are loaded and unloaded on the pallet.

Designed for applications requiring optimum hygiene, the BT Lifter H-series HHL100 and HHL100PH feature an Inox model. A high-quality stainless steel structure that offers durability and resistance to corrosion.

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