Toyota BT High Lifter - HHM100

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1000 kg




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H-series high-lift hand pallet trucks offer lift heights of up to 800 millimetres and are suitable for horizontal transport and order picking. Providing greater versatility and operator comfort, the truck forks on our H-series models can be raised to an ergonomic working height for easy movement of loads or for use as work tables.

The high-lift hand pallet trucks in the BT Lifter H-series move loads quickly and easily for maximum efficiency in loading/unloading and horizontal transport applications. Being able to lift loads to a higher and ergonomic working height, our high-lift models can also function as work tables.

The model HHM100 with manual lift features a quick lift function for increased productivity and comfort during lighter load handling applications.

Designed for applications requiring optimum hygiene, the BT Lifter H-series HHM100 features an Inox model. A high-quality stainless steel structure that offers durability and resistance to corrosion.

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