Diesel generator

A petrol or diesel generator? It is important to decide beforehand which fuel you want to use if you want to purchase such a device. Which fuel do you want to run your emergency power supply on? The choice depends mainly on what is easiest for you to obtain. A diesel generator is generally more durable than one running on petrol. You can also run it for longer periods at a time. The generator's function is to generate electricity. So in the generator, mechanical energy, is converted into electrical energy. There is plenty of choice these days. You can even choose from hybrid generators. During low energy demand, these may run on a battery pack. Then the unit starts working as soon as the energy requirement increases. The advantage of this is that it allows you to respond to a high(er) energy demand. So you see: there are all sorts of possibilities.


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We take into account where you will place the diesel generator and where you intend to use it. Does the noise level matter or is it not that important? A petrol-powered unit is somewhat quieter to operate than a diesel-powered one.

Do you need it during a renovation or on a construction site? Will it be at your home to have on hand or do you need the emergency power supply at the campsite or any other place where there is no power supply or it is unstable.


There is a wide range and you can choose from many different models, all of which have their own specifications, run on a fuel (petrol or diesel) and have various engine capacities. How long you can use the diesel generator depends on the power output.

The greater the power, the longer it can be used during power cuts. Beforehand, it is wise to think carefully about why you want to buy the appliance, the desired power, the desired fuel and, of course, price also plays a role.

Power failure or malfunction

There is a suitable generator for every budget, whether you choose a diesel generator or a petrol one. We will gladly help you make a good and responsible choice and provide you with all the information you need. Of course, you can also order online from us. We also offer a warranty and you can count on our service and maintenance, should you need it.

We offer a complete range, from handy light generators for use on boat, market, motorhome to heavier models at events and festivals. Whether you are looking for a supply in case of power failure or power outage. We can give you appropriate advice in all cases and inform you about a large number of well-known brands, including power and voltage, as well as the fuel required.