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Do you want to buy a mini loader and are you browsing? Then drop by at Prins Maasdijk. We have different types of mini loaders in our range, for example the Pitbull mini loader. These shovels are Dutch-made and all equipped with a 4 cylinder Kubota V1505 diesel engine. This diesel engine delivers 36 hp as standard. And if you choose the turbo variant, you will even have a power output of 45 hp. If you regularly need to work in tight spaces, it is best to buy a mini loader. This is because these are compact and manoeuvrable. But also strong, the Dana Spicer axles can carry more than three times the weight of the mini loader.


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Attention to safety and quality

Safety, quality, power and agility are important pillars at Prins Maasdijk. If you want to buy a mini loader, you can be sure that your machine meets all these points. For extra safety, all Pitbull mini loaders have a stabilisation system on the rear swing axle and with a telescopic fall protection. This provides extra stability and safety. To further improve visibility of the working environment, an open boom with parallel system was chosen. This also improves safety. Would you like to know more about certain specifications before buying a mini loader? Prins Maasdijk can give you excellent advice, support and unburdening. With us you will find customisation, we always think in terms of solutions.


The stability system makes the mini loader extremely stable. This is due to rigid articulated steering, intended solely for steering. Driving comfort and stability are achieved by the pivoting rear axle. The four wheels always remain in contact with the ground, even when sharp turns have to be taken or while articulating with the load at the front.


The Dutch-made mini loader are equipped with a hydrostatic drive. This ensures great power transmission. The hydro motor drives two 12-tonne Dana Spicer axles. This, combined with the electrically adjustable travel motor, results in an infinitely variable upshift. The boom sets this mini loader apart from the competition. By using P-Z kinematics, the load remains horizontal and a high breakout force is achieved. In addition, the driver always has a good view of the working environment.


Would you like to buy a mini loader but first get good advice? Then you can always contact the sales advisors at Prins Maasdijk. They will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities of different types of shovels. And also about the different types of attachments that can be supplied with the mini loader. Do you want to be assured of quality and expert advice? Prins Maasdijk is the point of contact for Pitbull mini shovels. We are happy to be at your service. See you at Prins Maasdijk.