Power generator

How does a power generator work? The name actually says it all: it is a device that can generate electricity. Usable current, generated from a closed circuit. It is a form of mechanical energy. Its operation relies on a physical phenomenon. We call this induction. This involves the generation of an electrical voltage across a conductor. The conductor is in a magnetic field in which a change occurs. Or the conductor moves in the magnetic field. Therefore, at least two components are needed to generate current: an electromagnet to generate the magnetic field and 1 or 3 coils of copper wire. These are needed to induce the voltage. A current generator therefore consists of 2 parts: the stator is the part that is stationary and the rotor is the part that rotates.


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The energy coming in is converted into an electrical energy via the rotating shaft. The conversion occurs when the electric conductor is moved through the magnetic field creating an electric voltage. Current flows when there is a closed circuit. It depends on the power output how long a power generator can be used in case of power failure. In what scenarios will you start thinking about a power generator? That will be when there is an imminent electricity shortage and possible power cuts, which sometimes affect a large city or an entire region. At such times, you will wish you had purchased one. You can then meet the most necessary power needs yourself.

A power generator is basically a simple device. All that is needed is the right fuel. This fuel is converted into electrical energy. The appliance connected to the power generator is thus supplied with energy. Thus, a power generator can be used both at home and outdoors. There is no need to connect the appliance to the mains. And yet you can have electricity whenever you want it.

What you do need to be aware of is that fuel is not cheap. And after all, the power generator cannot do without fuel. So while it is a handy device, you need to be mindful of at what times you will need it. It is good to determine that in advance.