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Because Safety Matters

Prins Maasdijk not only takes care of your power supply, but also watches over your safety. Secure your generator set and yourself with the following options, so that you can use it carefree.

Thermal Protection

Thermal protection protects the generator against overload. Our range of air-cooled generator sets in frames up to around 15 kVA are equipped with this as standard.

Thermomagnetic Protection

The thermomagnetic protection device (circuit breaker) protects the generator against overloading and short circuits. In case of overload, the thermal part of the protection will switch off after a certain time. The tripping time depends on the size of the load current: the greater the overload, the shorter the tripping time.

In the event of a short circuit, the magnetic part of the protection will switch off immediately. Important here is the correct choice of circuit breaker and the cross-section and maximum permissible length of extension cables to ensure disconnection in the event of a short circuit.

Earth leakage switch

The earth leakage circuit breaker serves to protect people from electric shock in case of indirect contact (e.g. a damaged conductor touches the metal housing of an appliance). The RCCB registers whether current is leaking somewhere and trips when the leakage current exceeds 10, 30, 100 or 300 mA. This is one way of preventing electrocution. To work in accordance with the standard, the generator set must be earthed at a certified earthing point. This option is therefore not useful for mobile use.

Insulation monitoring

An isolation monitor continuously measures the resistance value (in Ohm) between the earth (in our case, engine block/generator housing) and the generator windings. When there is no fault and therefore no risk to the user, the resistance value between earth and windings will be very large.

However, as soon as a fault occurs (insulation fault), the resistance value drops. If that fault poses a danger to the user (resistance value below 10 kOhm), the voltage is switched off automatically. The motor can also be stopped if necessary. A grounding point is unnecessary, which makes the insulation monitor particularly suitable for mobile use of the generator set.