VA inspection

Safety inspection

Prins Maasdijk considers it its responsibility to help its customers work as safely as possible with their machines. To this end, Prins Maasdijk carries out safety inspections.

Forklift trucks and other machines for internal mobile transport are work equipment that must be inspected periodically. The employer is responsible for this. The Work Equipment Act (Wet op de arbeidsmiddelen) states that the machines must be periodically inspected by an expert on all points that affect the safety of the machine. It leaves open who this expert is. As long as no accident occurs, there will be little inspection, but if there is reason to do so, the Labour Inspectorate will check whether the machine has been inspected and by which expert.

Safety inspection

Prins Maasdijk specialises in inspecting your work equipment in accordance with VA-inspection standards. VA stands for Safe Work Equipment (In Dutch, Veiligheid Arbeidsmiddelen). The VA-keur is a new safety inspection since 1 January 2016 and stems from the VEBIT and COM-keur. The VA-keur is an umbrella body that certifies companies to inspect according to the standards they set. If your machine is VA-approved, this indicates that it has been approved by an expert on all safety points.


Ask Prins Maasdijk about the possibilities of having your machines inspected to ensure that you have met your responsibilities as an employer.